Share your faith with others:


"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;

and he that winneth souls is wise"
Proverbs 11:30


Soul winning is the greatest investment a

believer in Christ could ever invest his or her life and resources. it is greatly rewarding here on earth and here after. Therefore, its absolutely necessary for a believer in Christ to shine as a burning light to the world. This is what our Lord Jesus Christ meant when He said: "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:14-16.


Taking seriously this responsibility as a burning light to a darken world; means your total commitment to the source of life - Jesus Christ the hope of glory. Your spirit, soul and body must be involve in proclaiming the message of the cross of Christ to a hurting and dying world, so much that men will say to us like the Ethiopian Eunuch said to Philip "I Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God..." Acts 8:37 This is why Hour of Renewal Outreach Ministries engages in the publication and free distribution of gospel tracts, Christian literatures and edifying materials for soul-winning purpose and steadfastness in the faith. You can order our limited faith building materials and gospel tracts. Become a soul winner right where you live and work. We encourage you to distribute these gospel tracts in buses, train stations, market squares, working place, hospitals and among your neighborhood. We should be so committed to gospel witness and evangelism that we can boldly proclaim like Apostle Paul: "...And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publickly, and from house to house, testifying...repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ" Acts 20:20-21


Through our total reliance on the cross of Christ we are able to shine forth as light to the world. Apostle Paul speaking concerning our daily conduct as believers in Christ said: " thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1Timothy 4:12) One of the ways in which we can truly become a shining light and guide against the enemy of our souls is to be fully involve in gospel witness; standing fast in the faith and bringing others into the knowledge of God's saving grace through the message of the cross of Christ.




Please use the dropdown menu below to download your desired tract for free distribution. These tracts are not copyright and can be produce in part or whole as long as the message is not uttered.



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Each tract you give to somebody is an eternal and precious gift. As you obey Christ to preach this gospel of the kingdom; you will not only be blessed, and store up incorruptible treasures in Heaven for the day of reckoning; but also will bring others to the knowledge of Christ saving grace. It is a blessing to be a soul winner!  Horom Christian publication gives you the opportunity to grow spiritually and share your faith in Christ with others. All our gospel tracts are free and should not be sold. However, postage fee may be charge for larger quantity, exceeding 500 copies.Become a soul winner! 

SOUL WINNING (continue)
Gospel witness should be a vital part of your life; because you are called to call others out of darkness into Christ marvelous light; you are saved to serve in Christ vineyard.  Make it a point of duty to send a lovely and an eternal gift to someone each day. Become a soul winner right where you are! Join us in publishing God's word; it cost a lot of money to prepare and print gospel tracts for free distribution. Our ministry needs your prayer and financial support. Please click on Donation to support us. The Psalmist rightly said: "That I will publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondorous works" (Psalm 26:7)


Brother Osaretin resting on a locally made bench in one of the village settlement; after conducting a door to door gospel witnessing within the village.



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