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"And it came to pass, that when he was returned, having received the kingdom,

then he commanded these servants to be called unto him, to whom he had given the money,

that he might know how much every man had gained by trading"

 Luke 19:15


Horom Limited is an international Christian company offering business investment opportunities. Horom Limited  is incorporated under the companies and allied matters Acts 1990 in Nigeria; and as a section 21 company in the Republic of South Africa; established to engage in business of general merchandise, importation and exportation of general goods; manufacturer’s representative; and general contractors. Builders; renovators; road and bridge contractors. Supplier of electrical and electronics; computers and computer appliances; stationeries and office equipment. Woodworks and exportation; auto-plant and machineries supplies. Sales and maintenance; bore-hole works, drainage and dredging works – Marine and oil –field supplies; houseboat supplies and maintenance. Agro-allied business. Real estate business, investment and finance services. Library service and establishment.

Visual Audio Web Streams cc is a division of Horom Limited; it is registered as a close corporation in the Republic of South Africa to engage in technological services; printing, advertisement, signage and billboard installations, Graphic designs, website development, data hosting, video, and audio online streaming.


As a reputable Christian business company we strive to provide our clients with excellent services; and continue to press towards the mark for the high calling of God in Christ.




Visual Audio Web Streams cc


+ 27 79 028 0853, (0) 84 322 9913

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Should you require our services, please contact us or use the Investors Form where indicated. We offer the following business opportunity to interested investors and those needing our services.




One of Horom business opportunity is the exportation of woods. Some of which are Simi-processed, Kin dried and exported overseas according to specification, shapes and sizes. Others are finished products; such as machinery, polished, and hand-made furniture, varying from sets of sitting room furniture, beds, dinner tables, conference tables and chairs, made out of wood such as Teak, Mahoganies, Red Apa, Walnut, Black and white wood. We also export ancient and modern artwork such as Shields, Bow and Arrow, Kings and Queen, Elephants, Lions, and various human images made from wood, bronzes, silver and gold. Should you require further info in our woodworks and arts works, please fill this  Investors Form




Horom is also engaged in the development  and hosting of websites; networking, quality printing related jobs and advertisement.  We offer domain registration for business, organizations, churches and individuals. We also engage in Signage and Billboards installation, as well as telecommunication and supply of computers and related accessories. Should you require our services please contact us using this Investors Form .




Horom Limited also seeks business opportunities and contracts in oil firms; such as NNPC-Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation and some oil producing countries. Engages in drainage and dredging works-Marine, and Oil field equipments and supplies. We represents and seeks to represent interested investors in petroleum and petrochemical products, haulage and all acts connected to petroleum dealing, including ownership and management of Petrol and Gas filling Stations/ Garages. Making necessary arrangement from and to destination of interested buyer of natural resources, refine oil such as petroleum, kerosene, and engine oil. Should you require our services please contact us using this Investors Form




Horom Limited also deals in farm produces and work as agents to agricultural companies. We seek to promote both foreign and local investors interest to invest in natural resources, thus providing job opportunity and creating jobs for many Nigeria youths, local indigene, and professionals. We deal on agro-allied, natural commodities and mineral resources and processed vegetables. We represent and seek to represent local and foreign investors interested in fruit and juice processing in Nigeria, mining of coals and other commodities and natural resources, such as coco, coconuts, yams, potatoes. For more details on some of these natural resources available in Edo-State please click COMMODITIES. These commodities are mainly mineral resources and agro allied raw materials; some of which includes charnokite, kaolin, bentonite, limestone, and  marble. Please Contact us for further details.




Horom Limited also offer Landed properties and automobile business opportunities; such as the buying and sales of houses, factories, And we seek to represent manufacturers of cars, engines, power generating machines such as Leister engines for food processing, Dredgers, Marine equipments, Tractors, Graders, Toyota, Daihatsu, Mercedes, Renault cars e.t.c. We also assist in the sales of used and news cars, automobile engines e.t.c. Should you be interested in buying or selling your new or old cars, caravan or power generator, and other machineries please fill and send a business  Investors Form  


Corresponding Addresses


Horom Investment

P.O.Box 5547 Cresta 2118 South Africa

P.O.Box 4865 Benin City,

Edo-State 300001, Nigeria

Evangelist Osaretin O. Ihama

Telephone +27 (0)79 029 0853, (0)84 322 9913

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